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Glympse PRO Admin Portal vs Glympse PRO Mobile App

The Glympse PRO Admin Portal (accessible on a web browser like Chrome or Safari) is your organization’s control center for managing the entire Glympse PRO app management platform and is used to manage, edit, and review jobs/appointments, create and manage technicians, customize the customer experience and more. It is accessible through any web browser.

The Glympse PRO mobile app (downloadable in Apple and Android app stores) is used by your technicians and drivers. They use it to start an assigned job or appointment, complete a job or appointment, and review their assigned jobs utilizing the Glympse PRO mobile app. 

Both versions of Glympse PRO (Admin Portal and Mobile App) have:

  • The ability to create “Orders” 
  • The ability to access the Dashboard
  • Customization features to change how Glympse PRO is presented to your end customers
  • The ability to add and remove Managers and Technicians in the system 

The main differences come from their use cases.

Glympse PRO Admin Portal:

The Admin Portal can be viewed by signing onto OR the Glympse PRO app (the admin portal can only be accessed by Admins and Managers). The Admin Portal is used to:

  • Upload, create, and manage orders
  • Create, manage, and delete users (agents, managers, technicians)
  • Overview of today’s orders with live GPS map

Glympse PRO App:

The Glympse PRO App is mainly used by technicians to track, view upcoming orders, and stay in contact with the customer. The Glympse PRO App is used to:

  • Start assigned orders
  • Complete assigned orders
  • Review assigned orders
  • Track the progress of the technician or driver
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