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Glympse PRO Best Practices

When using Glympse PRO, there are a few recommendations that we encourage all our customers to consider to maximize your experience with the product. 

  1. Ask for Permission to use Customer’s Phone/Email

When adding your customer’s phone number and/or email address for Glympse PRO, understand that you are automatically opting them into Glympse PRO to receive notifications on things like order progress and location tracking when the technician is “en route” to the appointment or job. Customers are notified immediately when an order has been created, so be sure that your customers are fine with receiving text messages and/or emails from you.

Customers receive notifications when:

  • An order has been created in the Glympse PRO Dashboard
  • A technician is on their way to the appointment or job
  • A technician has arrived at the appointment or job
  • An appointment has been canceled 
  1. Alert Your Employees Before Adding Them to Glympse PRO

To prevent confusion and accidental text deletion, be sure to notify your employees before adding them to Glympse PRO so they do not think that the notification they receive is SPAM. We also recommend explaining to your employees what Glympse PRO is meant for and help them understand the benefits this will bring to the business and your customers. Our article, “Support Manual – Driver/Technician” is a great introduction to Glympse PRO for your employees as it explains important features within our Glympse PRO app.

If your employees accidentally deleted the invitation text, you can resend a Glympse PRO invitation by heading to the “technicians” tab and clicking on “actions” on the desired technician. In the drop down menu, click on “re-invite technician” to send the text invitation again. Watch our tutorial video on “Re-invite technician to Glympse PRO” for more information.

Have employees click on the link they received via text message and have them follow the instructions. Lastly, have them download our Glympse PRO app from either the Apple App Store for iPhones or Google Play Store for Android phones.

  1. Use Glympse PRO’s Dashboard as Your Daily To-Do List

The “Dashboard” tab in Glympse PRO is an excellent way to quickly view todays upcoming appointments without having to navigate to the “Order” tab. Think of the Dashboard as the brains of your operations. You can quickly cancel orders, reassign agents, and edit order information. We have also included a live GPS map that allows you to view all of your technicians currently active and en route to appointments or jobs.

The Dashboard will automatically update “Today’s Active Orders” when new orders are ready for that day while completed or canceled tasks are added to the “Today’s Completed / Canceled Orders”. Additionally, the map automatically updates and populates when technicians are marked “En Route” to their destination.


We strongly recommend that you, or your admin/manager, check the Dashboard at the end of every workday to verify that every job for that day has been either “Completed” or “Rescheduled”.

Unless there are long distance service jobs or deliveries, nothing should be “En Route” or “Arrived” at the end of the workday. By following this method, you can ensure that your company did not miss important jobs or orders while rescheduling other jobs or orders.

  1. Tips to Complete All Daily Orders or Reschedule Orders

As mentioned in the previous section, completing all daily orders is simple, as we have integrated all “Todays Orders” in the Dashboard. All orders will be automatically updated based upon the technician’s location and when marking the orders as completed. Once this happens, the orders will fall under “Today’s Completed/Canceled Orders”.

However, there are times when a customer or technician will need to reschedule an appointment or job to later that same day or a different day. When this happens, it is very easy to change the order’s “Start Time”. Go to either the Dashboard or to the Orders tab and hover over the appropriate order. They click “Action”. In the pop-up window, click on “Edit”. In the “Edit” window, change the appointment date and time, as necessary.

Admins also have the ability to “Reassign” an agent to an existing order if the previous agent is unable to complete the order. To do this, simply hover over an existing order, click on “Actions”. In the pop-up window, click on “Reassign”. Select the new agent that will take over the order. When assigning an existing order to another technician, it will automatically notify the new technician of the change and add it to their order list.

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