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What is Glympse PRO?

Glympse PRO allows you to fill in the gaps of disconnect between your company and your customers on day-of-service appointments or deliveries, reducing the “Where Are You?” calls your office receives.

It is an easy-to-use, Uber-like solution that provides real-time, continuously updated ETAs letting y our customers know when your service technicians or delivery drivers will arrive. It sends your customers tailored and professional on-the-way text/email messages – automatically. Glympse PRO doesn’t require software or tools to be in place before you start using it; you can start using it today. Simply sign up for Glympse PRO and start providing your customers with “a Glympse” of their technician or driver’s live ETA today!

Use Glympse PRO if you:

  • Have a business and do not have a field service management solution in place
  • Are looking for a reliable, proven, non-integration solution
  • Wish for a solution that does not require you to purchase GPS hardware for your technicians or drivers

More information on Glympse PRO can be found here.

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