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How do I sign into the Glympse app?

After you have installed Glympse on your device from the App Store, you have two options: to use Glympse as a guest* or sign into the app with an account.

*Only those with a Glympse account will be able to create and share to use the groups/premium features, link your Glympse information across multiple devices, and retain places, history, and favorites. 

To sign in to Glympse:
1. When you open Glympse for the first time, you will be prompted with a sign-in screen. Follow the prompts and fill in the correct information it is asking you.

2. Glympse will email you a verification code to the email you provided. Enter the verification code from your email into the Glympse app.

3. You’re verified! Start using Glympse. 

Wondering why we need to verify who you are with your email address? Because we take data and privacy very seriously at Glympse. Please read our blog about this or visit our Privacy Policy here.

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