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How do I “Mark Complete” within the Orders Tab in Glympse PRO?

  1. Login into Glympse PRO
  2. In the navigation menu, click on “Orders”
  3. Navigate to the desired order and click “Mark Complete”
  4. The order will be marked as completed and will notify the customer of a order being completed

If the technician forgot to mark his/her order as complete via the Glympse PRO app, Admins and Managers have the option to activate “Mark Complete”. “Mark Complete” shows that the technician has completed his/her order at the customer’s location.

When the order has been marked as “Complete”, customers can then leave their immediate feedback from the previous URL link sent via their phone or email. Feedback is collected by a rating between 1 to 5 stars; 1 being a bad experience and 5 being an excellent experience. Overall feedback for that day can be seen either in the Dashboard under “Today’s Completed/Canceled Orders” or in the “Orders” tab. Be sure to click on the order to view the entire feedback.

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