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User Roles Explained

Within Glympse PRO, there are three main roles that can be assigned to each user. When signing up, the account creator is automatically assigned the role of “Admin” (this cannot be changed later). When adding other users, it is important to understand the difference between Glympse PRO’s three roles. In this article, we will highlight the differences between each of these roles.

  1. Admin

Users under the role of “Admin” have access to all features within Glympse PRO including:

  • Adding and deleting new users
  • Updating user’s passwords
  • Customizing Glympse PRO settings, such as logo and color design
  • Accessing Glympse PRO insights
  • Assigning and re-assigning jobs to technicians/drivers
  • Editing existing orders
  • Payment and billing
  • Managing PRO subscription and number of licenses

There can only be one “Admin” per organization. By default, the user who created the Glympse PRO account is the “Admin”. Lastly, the “Admin” is responsible for updating payment methods, billing information, managing PRO subscriptions, and number of licenses.

  1. Manager

The role of “Manager” is one below the “Admin”. Managers can do everything an Admin can do except:

  • Adding/deleting the admin user (“Managers” can only add and delete other managers and agents)
  • Having access to the “Customization” tab to change logo, color design
  • Having access to “Account & Billing” section
  1. Agent

Users marked as an “Agent” are your everyday employees. They are users who are actively in the field and fulfill deliveries/services for your customers. An “Agent” will only use our Glympse PRO mobile app to receive alerts of new orders, automatically share their location with customers when “En Route”, and ensure orders are marked as “Complete” when finished with a job. Agents have access to:

Agents have access to:

  • Our Glympse PRO mobile app
  • Adding new orders
  • Changing the status of their assigned orders
  • Editing account settings such as name, email, and password

Agents do NOT have access to:

  • Adding new users
  • Customizing Glympse PRO settings
  • Assigning orders to other agents
  • Editing existing orders
  • Access to Glympse PRO
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