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How do I create a Glympse Premium Tag predefined route?

A Glympse Premium Tag predefined route allows you to create up to seven specific routes with the ability to assign a different route every day. This allows you to plan visits and guide people to the designated locations, ensuring they know where to meet you on different days.

  1. Open the Glympse Consumer App
  2. Navigate to “Tags” on the bottom menu
  3. If you haven’t purchased a Glympse Premium Tag, create that by following the support article “Purchasing a Premium Tag
  4. Choose the tag you want to edit
  5. Scroll down until you see “Predefined Routes”
  6. Click on “+” icon
  7. Choose “Create New Route”
  8. Tap on the map to add points to your route
  9. As you add points to the map, they will be displayed as list items at the top of the screen, with each point given a letter for identification.
  10. You can delete any point by pressing the ‘-’ symbol next to the point in the list or rearrange the order of the points by holding, dragging, and dropping items in the list.
  11. Press “Save” in the top right corner and set the name for your route.

Be sure to follow our guide “Choose a Route from My List of Predefined Routes” for directions on how to select your preferred route for the event.

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