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How do I view my Glympse Premium Tags?

Your Glympse Premium Tag can easily be selected by:

  1. Opening the Glympse Consumer App
  2. At the top of the screen, select the bubble “My Location”
  3. Choose your desired tag

After you do this, your tag will be displayed on the maps menu.

To preview your Glympse Premium Tag in a web browser:
Just open your browser and type in the tag’s URL. The Tag’s URL is ![your tag name]

You can find your Glympse Premium Tag’s name at the top of the tag customization menu. To find this, read our article “How do I edit a Glympse Premium Tag?”

If you set up your tag using the web-based portal, click the ‘Preview’ button after saving your changes. Remember to restart your app for the new settings to show up properly. If you want to learn more about our web portal, read our article “Premium Tags Web Portal: functionalities and its purpose“.

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