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How do I distribute my Glympse Premium Tag URL to others?

So you have purchased your Glympse Premium Tag and customized it to your liking. Now, you want to distribute your Premium Tags URL to your website, social media, email, newsletter, or other forms of sharing. This URL will be used by your customers, family/friends, and community to follow your location sharing once it’s officially live.

You can use your Premium Tag URL directly on your website, social post, or other outlet. You can also convert this URL to a QR code with a 3rd party QR code maker.

There are 2 methods to find your Premium Tag URL:

Method 1: Find the URL for your tag by navigating to the tag icon at the bottom of the screen and selecting your premium tag. You will see your Glympse Premium Tags URL at the top of the screen. Press that to copy your Glympse Premium Tags URL.

Method 2: Share your Glympse Premium Tag URL straight from the Glympse map screen. First, press on the bubble on top and select the tag you want to share. Then, simply tap the small square bubble with three dots in the bottom right corner of the map screen for the selected tag, select ‘Send Invitation to View,’ and follow the prompts to copy your Glympse Premium Tag URL.

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