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Can I create an order in another time zone? (Glympse PRO)

Creating appointments for specific time zones can be done when using our “bulk upload” tool which is found in the “technicians/drivers” tab. After downloading our “Example CSV”, be sure to follow the format as it is presented to prevent errors in the uploading process. Within the CSV file, you can input the date, time, and specific time zone. To learn more about our bulk upload tool, refer to our article “Using the Bulk Upload Tool”.

Time zones we support include:

  • UTC – Coordinated Universal Time
  • NST – Canada/Newfoundland
  • NDT – Canada/Newfoundland
  • AST- America/Halifax
  • ADT – America/Halifax 
  • EST – US/Eastern
  • EDT – US/Eastern
  • CST – US/Central
  • CDT – US/Central
  • MST – US/Mountain
  • MDT – US/Mountain
  • PST – US/Pacific
  • PDT – US/Pacific
  • AKST – US/Alaska
  • AKDT US/Alaska
  • HST – US/Hawaii
  • HAST – US/Hawaii
  • HADT – US/Hawaii
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