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How does the Glympse app work?

Glympse uses the GPS capability in your mobile phone to let you share your location for a predetermined time with the people you choose.

Millions of people globally use Glympse for quick, temporary, and customized sharing with people, regardless of what mobile device they have. It is the only location-sharing app to share location temporarily, so you set the amount of time you want to share your locationGlympse automatically expires once you arrive, and you can turn off your location-sharing to people at any time, so you can set it and forget it! Glympse gives you control of when you want to share your location with others and for how long. Download the Glympse app for free here: iPhone and Android

Looking to immediately delete your location share with Glympse? You can delete the Glympse in the “Recent” screen on the app. Once deleted in the app, a Glympse will immediately be non-visible to anyone.

Note: We care a lot about privacy and safety. Visit our Privacy Policy here.

You can send your location to people and/or request someone’s location within the Glympse app. Sharing your location with someone is referred to as “Sending a Glympse.” A Glympse goes out as a text message, an email, social media, or through Whatsapp. When the person(s) click on the Glympse link they receive after you share your location with them, they can view your location, in real-time, and see your ETA on a web-based map for as long as you choose to share your location with them.

If the person you are sharing your location with does not have the Glympse app installed on their phone, that person will receive a text message with a link they can click on. Your location will show in that person’s web browser for the allotted amount of time YOU choose to share with them (i.e. 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 1 hour, etc.). Glympse gives you many options for controlling who you can share your location with and for how long.

With Glympse, you are in complete control of who you want to see your location and for how long they see it. Location-sharing automatically expires when its timer runs out, so you don’t have to worry about sharing your location when you do not want to.

Even better, your share of location will show up in the language the person has set on their browser (i.e. location-sharing will be displayed in French if the person you are sharing your location with has their mobile phone set to be displayed in French.

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