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Who can view my location with the Glympse app?

With Glympse, you control who you share your location with and you control for how long, so there is no risk of being permanently tracked.

You can expire or modify your Glympse at any time, stopping that share of location when you want or choose. Please see the Glympse timer below, showing how you can set the amount of time YOU choose. Remember, with Glympse, you are always in control of the time limits (5 minutes to 12 hours; see graphic below) and geo-boundaries on your share of location. After your “Glympse” has expired, it remains visible for just 48 hours before it is permanently deleted.  

Looking to immediately delete your location share with Glympse? You can delete the Glympse in the “Recent” screen on the app. Once deleted in the app, a Glympse will immediately be non-visible to anyone.

Note: We care a lot about privacy and safety. We never harvest or sell your data, and we delete visit our Privacy Policy here.

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