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When would I use the Glympse app?

“Where are you?”
“When will you be home? “
“I’m running 15 minutes late for the meeting.”
“Let’s meet at 6 p.m. Let me know when you get close and I’ll meet you outside”

Glympse visually answers the question “Where are you?” with a dynamic map that updates your location in real-time. With Glympse, you no longer need to call or send a text to communicate your whereabouts – the people you send a Glympse to will know exactly where you are for as long as you want them to. There are many everyday uses for Glympse: 

  1. On a run or ride to let loved ones know that you are safe
  2. During a pub crawl or at a festival so others can find you
  3. On the way home from work to let a spouse know when you will be home
  4. On the way to a business meeting as a courtesy to your client
  5. While visiting an amusement park or large venue so family members can meet up later in the day
  6. For businesses making home deliveries so customers know exactly when you will arrive
  7. When operating a food truck or mobile food stand so customers can find your business
  8. On a first date and feeling anxious, so want your friends or roommates to know your whereabouts throughout the time you are gone.

With Glympse, you control who you share your location with and for how long so there is no risk of being permanently tracked. Glympse automatically expires once you arrive, and you can turn off your location-sharing to people at any time. You are always in control to set time limits (up to 12 hours) and geo-boundaries on your share of location. Download the Glympse app for free here: iPhone and Android

Note: We care a lot about privacy and safety. We never harvest or sell your data. Visit our Privacy Policy here.

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